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Welcome to  Be sure to leave a comment here to let us know who you are and how you are related.  Grandma Alice used to be the BEST at connecting all the dots.  Since we don’t have her here for this reunion, we’d love to have everyone help out.  We’ll also be posting a page of photos, so if you’d like to submit a photo you can email us.


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  • So … I’ll start this thread off.

    I’m Kristy Nuttall – I am the grand-daughter of Alice Errotabere, daughter of Sharon Errotabere Tashjian (& John Tashjian – happy JDT?). I live in Valencia, CA by Magic Mountain with my husband Ron Nuttall and we have a 15 yr old son that is a high school student athlete. We run our own business doing web design (thus the quick website – haha). We can’t wait to mix and mingle with everyone next month. It’s been a very long time.

  • Ann File:

    (Kristy-it’s only for you that I’m up next. Thank you for doing all this.) I’m Ann File- granddaughter of Alice Errotabere, daughter of Rene Errotabere. I live in Fresno, CA with my husband Corey and three children Elijah (5), Lawrence (4) and Delaney (10 months). My husband works in Real Estate and, by the grace of God, I get to stay home with my kids and a small farm of animals. (Leann-I was hoping for the Basque restaurant by the beach, but this will have to do:)) See you soon.

  • Leeann Errotabere:

    Hello everyone – I am Leeann Errotabere, wife of Andy Errotabere. Andy is the son of Andres & Juanita Errotabere. We live in Fresno and have two daughters – Andrea & Nicole. Andrea began college at Fresno State last month and is enjoying living on her own. Nicole is a high school junior eagerly waiting for soccer season to begin. I look forward to seeing everyone next month. I am with Ann. Our next reunion will have to be at the Basque restaurant in San Miguel, near Paso Robles.

  • Remi Errotabere:

    Hi! I am Remi Errotabere, son of Jean and Georgianne Errotabere,. I am married to my wife of 26 years, Maureen, and we have three children: Remi- 23, Janae- 19, and Taylor- 16. Remi is currently attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Janae is attending West Hills Community College, and Taylor is a junior at Riverdale High School. We live in Riverdale, CA and I a farmer in partnership with my two brothers, Dan and Jean, and my wife is a first grade teacher in Riverdale.

  • Susan Errotabere:

    Hello everyone – I am Susan Errotabere, wife of Daniel Errotabere. Daniel is the oldest son of Jean and Georgianne Errotabere. We live in Fresno with our two children: Son – Ryan Errotabere who is a freshman at UC Merced and a graduate of SJM High School here in Fresno. Daughter – Marisa Errotabere who is a Senior at SJM High School. Daniel and I have been married for 22 years and looking forward to many more to come. Daniel is a farmer with his two younger brothers; Jean and Remi. We are all looking forward to seeing everyone in the next couple of weeks…I have sent some pictures, but I am not sure that Kristy got them? If you have not, please let me know ASAP, so that I can try to send some photos in again. See you soon Errotabere Family!!

  • Julie:

    I’m Julie Barrett. I am the granddaughter of Alice Errotabere and daughter of Rene Errotabere (and sister of Ann File above). I live in Clovis, CA with my husband Tony Barrett and our two daughters Cassidy and Emily. I recently gave birth to Cassidy and Emily (8/18/2010). The girls came very early and I spent time in the hospital before their birth and they have been in the NICU-Cassidy for 7 wks and Emily for 9 1/2 wks. Emily just came home on Monday. Unfortunately I will not be able to come to the reunion on Saturday. I will be busy getting to know our little girls and taking care of them. I look forward to hearing about the festivities and coming to the next one which will hopefully be next year :)

  • Agnes Marie Dill:

    Hello everyone,

    Better late than never, I am Agnes Errotabere Dill, daughter of Emilie and Jose Errotabere. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Tony Dill for 47 years. We have lived in Coalinga since 1969 where Tony had a heavy equipment business working for the oil and mining companies in the area.

    Our youngest son Andres is married to Traci and they have 3 children Georgia 5, Vaughn 3 and Zane 1. They conduct their own businesses and operate the family farm in Caruthers.

    Our oldest son, John and wife, Marlo have a ranch in central Oregon plus an Ag-Appraisal company. They have 3 children Cassidy 10, Natalie 8 and Clayton 4.

    For the past 18 years I have worked at the Coalinga Elementary School Library and have enjoyed every year. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and want to thank Kristy and LeeAnn and to all for making this reunion happen, thank you.

    Andres and his family will be attending; Tony and I will be there and I just received a call from my brother Joe. Joe and his wife, Susan and their 2 grandsons Ryan 13 and Kyle 10 will be there as well.

    See you Saturday, Agnes

  • Leeann Errotabere:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone again on October 20th

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